About Us

Who we are?

We are passionate perfume lovers who now are on a mission to share this beautiful world of fragrances with everyone else and to fulfil this mission we came up with our brand “The Perfume Island”.  All our perfumes are rigorously tested, personally curated and are made with finest quality of ingredients to give the best experience.


What we offer?

We offer alcohol free, concentrated perfume oils in roll on bottles which are super long lasting and non offensive unlike alcohol based perfume sprays. These perfume oils are available in wide variety like fresh, citrus, sweet, fruity etc. to cater everyone’s liking.


Why concentrated roll on perfume oils over alcohol based perfume sprays?

  • Long lasting, inoffensive, alcohol free- They are super long lasting, free from any kind of harsh alcohol and inoffensive (because they don’t have the sharp projection which comes from every alcohol based perfume spray) instead perfume oils have better silage(the pleasant lingering effect of a fragrance) which leaves a soothing impression to everyone around.
  • Easy to carry- Being 10ml roll on glass bottles they are very easy to carry in your pocket and convenient during travels.
  • Easy to apply- Apply the perfume oil conveniently on specific areas and pulse points unlike alcohol perfumes which spray all over.
  • Longer shelf life- Perfume oils have a longer shelf life because they do not evaporate (the alcohol in perfumes does evaporate). So get ready to expand your fragrance collection without worrying about it evaporating or getting bad.
  • Value for money- Being concentrated, consumption per use is quite less compared to perfume spray where you can’t control the trigger.